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Define criteria for assessment

Custom competencies

  • HR Grades allows you to use custom competencies which reflect the essence of your business domain. These are the key competencies and skills you want employees to master.
  • Differentiate their meaning and importance by assigning levels and weights.
  • Adjustable templates available.

Appropriate scales

  • Choose the most appropriate scale for your competencies set.
  • Use as many items as needed.
  • Set custom representation and description.
  • Switch between integer and fractional scoring.

Set up assessments

Build the assessment programs

  • Combine competencies, scale and assessment strategy into an assessment program and then simply re-use it.
  • Use different combinations for various groups.
  • Choose the assessment approach which suits your company best: self-initiated, transparent, anonymous and so on.

Put the schedule in place

  • Set up regular assessments.
  • Monitor the timeline.
  • Use automatic or manual milestones change.

Assess employees and evaluate their progress

Conduct the assessment

  • Assess easily.
  • Provide your feedback and recommendations.


  • Visualize achievements.
  • Track deviation.
  • Compare results.
  • Export to XLS.